Landscape & Turf

Pop-up System
SATYA offers an extensive range of landscape irrigation system from basic Hydrant base Gun sprinkler systems for conventional applications, to the state of the art Manual / Automated irrigation systems using RAIN BIRD ® Pop-up / Spray heads which not only irrigate, but do so with a visually pleasant impact. As the name suggests, Pop-up systems are the most sophisticated method of irrigation in today’s world. The piping network is laid underground with pop-ups placed at the regular interval as per the irrigation design.
SATYA offers a range of imported gear driven pop-up sprinkler / spray heads with adjustable settings on the nozzles to cover the largest of landscapes to the smallest strips.

Automation of Irrigation System: The irrigation system could be operated manually as well as automatically according to the preferred time slot, be it the night hours or wee hours of the morning when the wind velocity is the slowest. The automation is done using a programmable CONTROLLER which automatically operates the pump and SOLENOID VALVES at preprogrammed times / cycles. A battery back up retains the program in the memory in the event of power failure. Manual override options is of course available.

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SATYA AGRO IRRIGATION Co. provides water management systems from a well-maintained Turn Key facility, providing designing, sales, marketing & all support installation of water management services. Landscape & Agriculture Sprinkler system, GOLF Irrigation, GREEN WALL & Other Ancillary Landscape Maintenance products. SATYA systems are designed, manufactured and supplied as per the latest international standards considering maximum safety, performance and long life. SATYA ensures products that save time, energy and money!!