Soil-less Media

Soilrite C/ PERLITE
Horticultural Grade Expanded Perlite

Perlite is a alumino-silicate of volcanic origin, which when crushed and heated rapidly expands to form a white light weight stable aggregate, possessing a closed cellular structure. Water is retained only on aggregate surface and in pore spaces between aggregates the result is a well-drained light weight media, easy to handle and transport. The aggregate have good structural integrity and do not break down when utilised as a propagating media or in planting mixes. The development of a near ideal structural conditions in growing and propagating media is made possible by the following characteristics of Horticultural grade perlite.

Improves aeration and drainage
Moisture and nutrients made readily available to plants
Sterile - Weed and disease free
Inorganic - does not deteriorate
Reduces Frequency of Watering
Insulator - reduces extreme soil temperature fluctuations

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